Are you looking for a graphic designer?

Do you need professional, clean design that converts?

Are you sick of projects taking months and just need someone you can count on?

I’m here to help! I’m a freelance graphic designer with a passion for clean, professional, feminine branding and graphic design. Whether you’re starting a business from scratch and you need everything from a logo to a website, or you’ve got an established business and need help with your every day design needs, I’m here for you.

How do you become a graphic designer?

People are always asking me “how do you become a graphic designer?” There’s lots of different ways to do it, but these are the steps that I took in order to become a graphic designer (and then I became a freelance graphic designer but that’s a... read more

Twenty things I wish I’d known in my twenties

1. Don’t be in such a rush to settle down In my early 20s I was determined to settle down as soon as possible. I was engaged at 21, bought a house at 22, and by the age of 23 I was working full time, paying a mortgage and raising 2 foster babies plus by Godson. Now... read more